Presentations and Publications

Timberlink Industry Experts

Timberlink is fortunate to have a number of industry experts working with us, who are often asked to speak at different events and contribute to various publications.

Timberlink and Lonza present the Low Odour Story 2016

Trevor Innes, General Manager Technical & Environment, Timberlink and Peter Carruthers, General Manager Marketing, Lonza Wood Protection Asia Pacific, jointly presented at the 2016 Wood Innovations Conference. Their presentation, "Partnership and innovation in development and commercialisation of Low Odour Timberlink Green" discusses the evolution of Low Odour Timberlink Green.
Download: The Low Odour Story

Selecting Structural and Treated Pine Products for Performance

"Selecting Structural and Treated Pine Products for Performance” was the title of an informative lecture delivered in May 2017 by Timberlink’s Dr. Trevor Innes (GM Technical and Environment) and the University of Tasmania’s Associate Professor Greg Nolan.