Timberlink Framing

Strong, Lightweight, Environmentally friendly.
Strong yet lightweight, Timberlink framing is the ideal building material for use in domestic and mid-rise applications.

  • Lightweight, with a high strength to weight ratio. Easy to transport and move around site.
  • Structurally graded to meet Australian Standard AS1720.1:2010.
  • The structural properties of Timberlink MGP10 exceed the requirements for both MGP10 and F7 grades so if a design compliant with AS1720.1:2010 specifies the use of F7 graded timber, Timberlink MGP10 can be substituted
  • Made from renewable Australian pine resources in Australia.
  • Timber is the world's most environmentally-friendly product, removing and storing carbon instead of adding to it as steel and concrete do.
  • Kiln dried for improved stability.


Sizes (mm)

Lengths (m)

​​70 × 35, 9 0× 35, 120 × 35, 140 × 35, 190 × 35, 70 × 45, 90 × 45, 120 × 45, 140 × 45, 170 × 45, 190 × 45, 240 × 45, 290 × 45
2.4 to 6.0 in 300mm increments
F5, F7, MGP10, MGP12, limited availability of MGP15
Docked To Length Studs available in both 2.4 and 2.7m lengths

​​​​Fixings and Finishings

Normal stainless steel nails, nail plates and other fixings are suitable for use with Timberlink framing.​​​

​​​​Safety and Handling

Keep packs of Timberlink framing in original packaging and strapping until ready for use and minimise outdoor exposure. Store packs of timber on gluts off the ground.

When handling and cutting any timbers it is advisable to wear dust mask, goggles and gloves.

​​​​Download Further Information

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