Our treated pine fencing timber is durable, lightweight and easily installed with a sawn finish that can be stained or painted to fit with any outdoor space.

Suitable Uses for Boundary Fencing

All our boundary fencing products are made with treated pine and are ideal for general purpose use in outdoor fencing and landscaping applications. 


Timberlink Boundary Fencing Range

Timberlink boundary fencing range is only available in Tasmania.


End-Section Size (mm) Length (m)
1.2 1.5 1.8 2.1 2.4 3.0
150×12 X X X X X X
150×17 X X



Fencing Grade Rails

End-Section Size (mm) Length (m)
3.0 4.8 5.4 6.0
75×50 X X X X



Fencing Grade Plinth

End-Section Size (mm) Length (m)
3.0 4.8 5.4 6.0
150×25 X X X X



Fencing Grade Posts 

End-Section Size (mm)   Length (m)
0.9 1.2 1.5 1.7 2.0 2.3
90×90 X X X X X X


  • Fence Palings should be overlapped to ensure rigidity.
  • 150mm maximum height of paling above top rail to minimise distortions.
  • Joins in rails should be staggered to help prevent rails popping out on windy days.
  • Screw shank or ring shank nails are recommended and will provide more strength. Galvanised fixings are recommended 
  • The under Paling should have 1 nail per rail, and the over Paling should have 2 nails per rail at least 56mm long.
  • It is recommended that palings need 60 days to dry after installation before painting and staining to prevent cracking.
  • All cuts and notches should be resealed after purchase and all end cuts, rebates and notches should be resealed with a suitable wood preservative such as Tanalised® Enseal Clear or Tanalised® Ecoseal.
  • When handling and cutting any timbers it is advisable to wear dust mask, goggles and gloves.
  • ​Do not burn treated timber.