Sustainability is part of our DNA and our overall purpose: to safely and efficiently manufacture timber products to build a more sustainable world.

That’s why our sustainability policy is central to how we operate as a business. Under our policy, we seek to optimise the production of wood products from our natural, well-managed renewable resources while minimising our impact on the environment.

In our sustainability policy, we commit to:

  • Produce products only from responsibly managed sources
  • Implement systems that trace origins of forest products to legally and responsibly managed forests
  • Ensure our suppliers and contractors share our commitment to sustainability
  • Provide appropriate training of employees in our sustainable management procedures
  • Implement and manage a robust integrated management system that delivers high standards and meets internationally recognised standards
  • Set challenging sustainability objectives and targets
  • Minimise pollution, waste and consumption
  • Facilitate carbon capture and efficiently manage energy use
  • Comply with all legislation – including implementing host country obligations