All our products are Australian and New Zealand made from sustainably grown Australian and New Zealand plantation pine, making them the building products for today and tomorrow because timber is the ultimate renewable.

Sustainability at Timberlink is more than a policy; it is part of our DNA.
In broad terms, we define sustainability as making business decisions that make the world better and not worse off.

We understand we need to look after our people, our environment and the regional and wider communities in which we operate in order to have a long-term future.

This is why we create products that do their job reliably and consistently. Why we develop sustainable customer and supply partner relationships that are enduring.

Our economic success is focused on continuous and sustainable business improvement providing secure employment opportunities that deliver both environmental and community benefits through our use of plantation-based forests.

Our Sustainability Policy
2018 Sustainability Report

Environmental Certification

We are committed to the use of sustainable and certified plantation pine resources wherever possible. 97% of our Australian log intake is certified by either the Responsible Wood/PEFC or FSC® schemes, or both. The remainder is controlled through a Due Diligence system.

Timberlink Australia holds an FSC® Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood certificate for production and distribution of wood chips.

Our Australian mills hold Responsible Wood Chain of Custody Certification for both solid wood and woodchips.

Timberlink New Zealand holds FSC® Chain of Custody and Controlled Wood Certificate for production and distribution of solid wood products and woodchip.

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FSC Certificate
Responsible Wood Certificate
Our Chain of Custody Policy

We are committed to the use of sustainable and certified plantation pine resoruces wherever possible

Sustainable, Renewable Timber

The majority of the logs we use in our Tarpeena and Bell Bay mills are supplied from New Forests managed softwood timber plantations.

New Forests are currently responsible for almost 400,000 hectares of land and forestry assets across six Australian states, including the softwood timber plantations in Tasmania and the Green Triangle of Victoria and South Australia.

Responsible investment is central to New Forests’ business strategy and the sustainable management of their Australian pine plantations are a key to this.

Timberlink New Zealand sources all of its timber from Pine Plantations in the surrounding Marlborough region. These plantations are managed to ensure an ongoing supply of sustainable, renewable and legally sourced pine resources.
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