Timberlink® is a leading producer of Australian Radiata Pine timber products sourced from sustainably managed Australian pine plantations.

Timberlink operates two regional large scale timber manufacturing facilities, one in Bell Bay, Tasmania, and the other in Tarpeena, South Australia; with both sites solely processing plantation grown Radiata Pine sawlogs. Our sawn timber products are primarily used in commercial and residential construction and industrial remanufacturing applications. Typical uses include house framing, pergolas, decks, landscaping, pallets and through use of our residue streams in packaging and paper.

Timberlink is owned by investment funds managed by New Forests.

Who we are

At Timberlink, we take pride in transforming sustainably managed plantation timber into quality products. We don’t just strive to manufacture timber of a consistent quality, but to do so in a  way that helps preserves the future of our planet.

We know our role is to be a world-class timber product business that positively impacts future generations – and we will strive to achieve the high standards that our customers, suppliers and communities expect from us. 

How we work

At our timber manufacturing facilities in Tarpeena and Bell Bay, we use our long-term supply of certified plantation logs to produce great timber for resellers. Our customers also include manufacturers of products such as house frames and trusses, furniture and packaging.

We work with a diverse range of customers and understand that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t make sense. We make sure that we get to know and understand the specific needs of each of our customers – being easy to do business with is something we value deeply and constantly work on. We are big enough to be relevant, but small enough to be responsive.

With centres in Adelaide, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, and a sales team in Bell Bay, our extensive national distribution network allows us to provide a swift, responsive and flexible service for our customers.

Our timber, the responsible resource

Renewables aren’t just about wind farms and solar panels. Responsibly sourced wood is both renewable and sustainable.

Carbon in the atmosphere is absorbed by trees as they grow, and then stored for the timber’s life. In fact, every cubic metre of structural pine we make has removed more than 700kg of CO2 from the atmosphere1.

1 Source: Forest and Wood Products Australia (2022), Wood Solutions Environmental Product Declaration Softwood Timber, V2.0, February 2022, p14

Timber Framing is the Ultimate Renewable™

Minimal waste

At Timberlink, we love wood so we don’t waste it. We convert our offcuts into quality woodchip which is sought after by paper manufacturers to make high-end paper products. Other wood material such as bark or shavings can be sold for landscaping or pet supplies or used to power our kilns.