• Easy to paint, stain or oil with its smooth machined finish and natural grain
  • Easy to move around during construction as lightweight yet durable
  • Our lining boards are cut to a Regency Profile (P321)
  • If you change your mind on the finish you can just sand the timber back and re-paint or stain, something that isn’t possible with veneered timber

  • Steel nails and fixing plates can be used
  • Glue should be used in addition to nails to enhance the strength of joints
  • To minimise movement in lining boards, coat on all sides with a lacquer or stain before installation
  • Keep Timberlink decorative timber inside. 
  • When handling and cutting any timbers it is advisable to wear dust mask, goggles and gloves.  

Premium Grade Dressed Boards (DAR)

Our premium-grade dressed boards (Dressed All Round) range provides a beautiful base for any indoor project.

Dressed boards can be used in a variety of home renovation, joinery and DIY projects such as furniture, shelves, wall features and children’s toys. Our dressed boards come with a beautifully smooth machined finish which highlights the natural grain of the timber creating warm features around the home.

Timberlink DAR Range

Length  (m)
End-Section (mm) 1.8 2.4 3.0 3.6 Random
240×19 Select Grade
290×19 Select Grade

Range only available in Tasmania.

Timberlink DAR Specifications

Suitable Uses  Internal joinery
Grade Premium
Profile  DAR (Dressed all Round)

Lining Boards

Using timber lining boards on walls or ceiling, enhances the style of any home with their natural beauty while adding insulation.

The warmth and contrast of the timber grain makes for a design impact that can suit both traditional and contemporary house designs. Whitewashing the timber will give it that modern Scandi touch.

Timberlink Lining Boards Range

Length (m)
End-Section (mm) Profile 1.8 2.4 3.0 3.6 Random Lengths
140×12 321

Range only available in Tasmania.


Timberlink Lining Boards Specifications

Suitable Uses  Decorative finish to internal walls and ceilings
Grade ROM (Run of Mill)
Profile  Moulded to a Regency Profile also referred to as P321


Architraves and Mouldings

Architraves and mouldings provide a neat finish to interior jobs by hiding the join where the ceiling or floor meets a wall or around doorways and window frames.

Protecting your corners from everyday wear, they create a functional yet stylish way to finish your home with beautiful Tasmanian grown pine.

Timberlink Architraves Range

End-section (mm) Bullnose  Splayed Colonial Random lengths (mm)

Range only available in Tasmania.

Timberlink Mouldings Range

End-section (mm) & Profile Length (m) – Random Lengths
35×8 Coverstrip
42×12 Door stop
90×19 Quad
32×32 Scotia
42×19 Dado
30×30 External Cover

Range only available in Tasmania.